Saturday, April 15, 2017

Monogrammed Beach Bags Galore! It is Finally Beach Season!!

Whether you live in the Northern states or even in the South, the Winter months seem to go by soooo very slow! So when the first signs of Spring appear, I simply cannot contain my excitement! I love sunshine, listening to the birds singing, watching the butterflies, feeling a warm southern breeze... Just love it!!

With warmer weather come trips to the park, family vacations, and of course, BEACH TIME!! Nowhere can I personally connect with Mother Nature as I do at the beach. There is something so magical, so "this is where life begins" kinda feeling. No place more relaxing! With beach trips come the inevitable cute outfits, a fab pair of wedges and certainly those fabulous Monogrammed Beach Bags! We search so many suppliers to bring you the cutest, most practical and the best quality beach bags. We pick them bright and colorful and we personalize them just for you!

Our Monogrammed Beach Bags work perfectly with our Monogrammed Beach Towels. I don't know about you but when we're on vacation, someone is always fighting for their beach towels. Now that everyone has their own personalized beach towel, there is no confusion as to which one belongs to whom. All that's left to do is grab a frosty drink, a good book and just RELAX....

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