Monday, August 10, 2009

New! Eco Chic Reusable Bags - Our Environment Loves Them!

They're finally here! We've been waiting for a very long time to get these fabulous Eco Chic Reusable Bags in stock. After receiving so many requests for them, we placed an order with the manufacturer a few weeks ago and they have finally arrived. Reusable bags are no longer a luxury or an item reserved for the wealthy and famous; they are now a necessity for those of us concerned with saving our beautiful Earth.

An here's the best part: Our Eco Chic Reusable Bags come in the cutest, trendiest, most chic prints and colors. You no longer have to hide those ugly red or green canvas bags; these are reusable bags you will actually L-O-V-E taking to the grocery store, the market, the mall, etc. You will be proud to carry these anywhere you go!
It gets better: For the next two weeks, receive FREE GROUND SHIPPING on your ENTIRE ORDER, when you buy two or more Eco Chic Reusable Bags! Saving our environment can't get any easier than that! Please use code Ecochic to receive your free shipping. Good through 8/30/09.
You can even get them monogrammed for a small $5.00 fee!! And remember, The Monogram Divas is your source for monogrammed gifts for every occasion.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My (not so) Green Thumb

Confession: I am the world's worst plant care-taker ever! (Is that even correct English?) It is ridiculous! What am I doing wrong??? I buy freakin' ferns E-V-E-R-Y single Spring and I kill E-V-E-R-Y single one of them by Mid-Summer! I mean, I water the dang things every couple of weeks,( I mean days), and the things just don't survive! I even run outside whenever there's even the slightest chance of rain (I ran like a fool tonight), to take them out so they can get rain water - or like we say en Espanol "Heaven Water" (Agua del Cielo)!. You know, come on, there's nothing better than rain water for my babies, right? Hmm, maybe not so much. I guess I must curse their root system or something because even Heaven Water won't save them....

On a different note... I read a fellow business owner's post a while back about the slow (read: horrible) economy and I must agree with her: people that used to be not so nice (read: really horrible) in our business are all of a sudden, hmmm... extremely nice. Like our supplier of.. hmm... well.. better not say. Hellooo?? You should be nice to EVERYONE, ALL the time... not just when you need them. For instance, our Mailman.... the nicest gentleman ever! They tend to be ignored and taken for granted - until the Postal Service announced yesterday they are closing tons of our post offices. Well, we are nice to him ALL the time. I have many times loaded (and unloaded) his tiny little 1980's Jeep (or his soon-to-fall-apart station wagon) so all your boxes can be delivered on time. Bottom line is this: Be nice to EVERYONE - ALL THE TIME; we never know what life may bring our way tomorrow. Today we may be eating caviar- tomorrow we may be delivering newspapers.....

My very best to all.