Saturday, April 15, 2017

Monogrammed Beach Bags Galore! It is Finally Beach Season!!

Whether you live in the Northern states or even in the South, the Winter months seem to go by soooo very slow! So when the first signs of Spring appear, I simply cannot contain my excitement! I love sunshine, listening to the birds singing, watching the butterflies, feeling a warm southern breeze... Just love it!!

With warmer weather come trips to the park, family vacations, and of course, BEACH TIME!! Nowhere can I personally connect with Mother Nature as I do at the beach. There is something so magical, so "this is where life begins" kinda feeling. No place more relaxing! With beach trips come the inevitable cute outfits, a fab pair of wedges and certainly those fabulous Monogrammed Beach Bags! We search so many suppliers to bring you the cutest, most practical and the best quality beach bags. We pick them bright and colorful and we personalize them just for you!

Our Monogrammed Beach Bags work perfectly with our Monogrammed Beach Towels. I don't know about you but when we're on vacation, someone is always fighting for their beach towels. Now that everyone has their own personalized beach towel, there is no confusion as to which one belongs to whom. All that's left to do is grab a frosty drink, a good book and just RELAX....

Monday, March 20, 2017

Beautiful Monogrammed Tote Bags

By now you know we L-O-V-E Monogrammed Tote Bags! No matter the style or color, we truly believe they make perfect gifts for basically any gift-giving occasion. Of course, during this time of the year, I personally prefer the cute, colorful ones! Especially the ones that can go from running errands, to poolside parties, to sunny beach trips. THIS bag, I'm totally in love with! It is perfect for the Spring and Summer months. It is made by one of our favorite designers and it is super well made. The quality is second to none. And the price point? Ah-mazing! Can you believe this gorgeous Monogrammed Tote Bag can be yours for $27.95?? And it includes a FREE monogram!! Check it out here.

 Large enough to easily fit 4-5 Monogrammed Beach Towels! :-)

 Super cute with jeans and a tank top!

 Add some nice wedges, a cute monogrammed beach hat and just be fabulous!!

Perfect for a picnic with our fantastic Monogrammed Beach Wine Glasses!!

Friday, February 3, 2017

Unique Bridesmaids Gifts

One of the comments we often hear from Brides-to-be is "what can I give my bridesmaids that is unique, practical and memorable. Let's face it, asking your favorite girls to be in your wedding is an important part of the process. You want to make it memorable and fun. Bridesmaids gifts don't necessarily have to be extravagant, unless your budget allows it. Most girls want gifts that can be reused long after the big day is gone. 

So let's talk about the gift packaging! It can be a simple paper gift bag, a wooden box OR it can be a fabulous canvas tote which can be filled with a tank top, flip flops, a small bottle of champagne, etc. We think this one is super cute!

You can find it here 

A personalized Bridesmaid Cosmetic Bag Set is always a great option. This set allows for bigger items to go in the large bag, which will come personalized with a name; smaller items, such as lip gloss, brushes, etc. can go in the smaller bag which comes with the title "Bridesmaid".

You can find it here

Monogrammed Stemless Champagne Glasses are a must for your "Will You Be My Bridesmaid" proposal box! They will come in handy during the proposal, bridesmaid luncheons, bridal showers and of course, the big day! 

You can find them here

Heading to the beach for a destination wedding or a bachelorette weekend? Nothing better than a monogrammed beach bag! They come in many sizes and colors. We personalize them in a range of fonts and thread colors. These are truly one of the most popular gifts we offer.

You can find them here

Check our website for a larger selection of gifts for every taste and budget! 

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Facebook Friday Giveaway!

 Friday giveaway? I know, it's only Thursday but The Monogram Divas will be closed tomorrow to take our kids on a much needed mini-vacation this weekend.

Anyway.... We have a new giveaway on our Facebook page this week: one lucky girl will win on of our new Monogrammed Folding Tote Bags, personalized with her own name or monogram! So what ya waitin' for... hop on over to our fan page and leave us a comment. That's it! Oh, and don't forget to share with your friends... the winner could be you OR one of your friends!

Much Love, The Monogram Divas

Friday, October 15, 2010

What A Girl Wants, A Girl Gets - New Monogrammed Gifts on a Budget!

During May / June of this year, before I headed to Market, we conducted a brief survey of almost 100 customers. We REALLY wanted to know what you guys love, want and need from us... You probably thought we forgot about your suggestions, but we've been working on it throughout the Summer and especially for the Holiday Season. So here's what we found you want and here's what we're doing about it:

1. Lot's of New Items: Absolutely! I'm all about bringing in new stuff every week. And we do have so many new items coming in; let's just say we're keeping our UPS and Fedex men quite busy these days! Check our website AND our Facebook page regularly as we will be posting our new Monogrammed Gifts weekly.
2. More Monogrammed Baby Gifts: You are so right! This is an area where we need to improve considerably. I have to be honest: because we do carry lots of Bridesmaid Gifts (and our Brides love us!), we kind of "forgot" about our Baby Gifts department. That is about to change... we have added several new items and come January, we will have tons of new Monogrammed Gifts for Baby!
3. More Eco-Friendly Gifts: I totally agree... Our store currently carries the most fabulous line of enviromentally friendly re-usable bags. Our Eco-Chic bags are not only practical and eco-friendly, but totally cute to carry around. You can find them under our Monogrammed Tote Bags section. And more to come...
4. Don't Run Out of Certain Items: OK, this is a tough one! We rely on so many different suppliers and when they run out, we run out. Some of our special prices are one-time deals given to us by our vendors and items within a certain price range tend to sell out quicker than others. So when you see something you like, grab it girls! It may be gone when you come back! :)
5. More Gifts Under $20: Wow! This is the one area where we have worked really hard, especially before we chose our Christmas Gifts for the store this year. Do you realize that over 50% of our monogrammed gifts are currently priced under $20?! We're all on a budget, right? But that doesn't change the fact that we all want to give a nice gift to everyone on our list!
What you love about us: Our quality, our prices, coupons, deals and giveaways!!! OK, the only way to find out about all those is by being on our mailing list! If you are a current customer, you're already on our list. If you haven't shopped with us yet (why not???) hop on over to our Facebook page and click "like" then click "Join our List"!

This was an awesome experience and we learned a lot from it. Our wants and needs are pretty basic for most of us: we all LOVE to give; this desire was placed within us since birth. We love to give cute gifts and love to see our friends' faces light up when they open them! We should all be able to purchase the perfect gift (monogrammed, of course!) at the right price. That has been our belief from day one and will continue to drive where we take our store in the future.

Love Always,
The Monogram Divas

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Winner of The Polka Dot Monogrammed Beach Towel Set!

Drum roll please.............
We are so happy to announce that the winner of the Polka Dot Monogrammed Beach Towel Set is.... Shel !!!!!

Please contact us via email: to give us the monogramming info and your shipping address!!!

Stay tuned ladies.... we have another very big giveaway coming up!!!!
Love always,

The Monogram Divas

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Hurry! Two Fabulous Giveaways About To End!

Thank you to all the fabulous ladies who have entered our Cute Polka Dot Monogrammed Beach Towel Set Giveaway. But hurry! hurry! There's only TWO days left in the contest and I promise you, the winner of this giveaway will absolutely fall in love with this Monogrammed Beach Towel. So get some extra chances:

1. Follow our Blog
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3. Become our friend on Facebook

Second, our Giveaway for the Zebra Print Monogrammed Market Tote is still going on.... And it is so simple to enter: Refer your friends to our Facebook page and have them "Like" The Monogram Divas. Then have them leave a comment. That's it! You can keep the Monogrammed Market Tote for yourself or give it away as a Christmas Gift! You choose...

Don't forget, The Monogram Divas is YOUR source for cute and affordable Monogrammed Gifts!
Love always,

The Monogram Divas