Monday, April 20, 2009


Yes, Ladies... you are reading this correctly... FREE MONOGRAMMED KOOZIES with your purchase of one of our fabulous Monogrammed Beach Tote Bags!
Spring & Summer is our favorite time of the year; swimming pools, picnics, beach trips, lake gatherings..... so much to do! So we decided to share some of our love for the Spring & Summer activities by giving away our ever popular Zebra Print Monogrammed Koozies! Yes, really!!
What's the catch, you say?... Well... a tiny, tiny, little catch... All we ask is that you share the love and forward this to a friend YOU KNOW loves monogrammed gifts and then leave us a comment. That's it!!! All you do is Share The Love :)
Love us even more by becoming our follower. Stay tuned as we will start offering a special discount to our blog readers!
Head on over to The Monogram Divas and purchase your Monogrammed Personalized Beach Bags, then add your Monogrammed Koozie and use code BLOG during check out. We will deduct $14.00 for the price of the Koozie. That's it! Happy Shopping and don't forget.... Share The Love !
ps. Hurry, this offer expires 4/30/2009
Code MD-YGiraffe is excluded from this offer.

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